Forward is a two-year initiative where we are trusting God to increase our collective generosity in order to accelerate our gospel engagement and disciple making. Forward focuses on the following bold steps of faith.

Campus Renovation

Built in 1985, our facilities have deteriorated significantly after nearly four decades of daily use by a busy church and school. They have become difficult and costly to maintain. The curb appeal, entrances, and floor plan are also uninviting and confusing to first time guests.

By modernizing our facilities, we will create a welcoming campus and make it easier to find your way around. We will build spaces fitting for the way we do church today and ministry environments aimed at reaching the next generation. We will also update and enhance security throughout our campus, especially in ministry spaces for children and students.

Ministry Revitalization

As we continue revitalizing the ministry of Atlantic Shores from the inside out, we envision state-of-the-art facilities overall, and especially for next generation ministries. A warm and inviting family lobby will welcome parents of young children (birth through 5th grade) into an efficient space with multiple check-in stations.

Controlled entries to the first and second floors will lead to safe and welcoming nursery space, colorful classrooms, and to new preschool and elementary theaters where kids will learn about Jesus in fun and creative environments. We’re also planning upgrades to the life center for ministry to middle and high school age students, including a beautiful new micro park connecting the main worship building and the life center.

Church Planting

Resources from this generosity initiative will also be dedicated to strengthening our gospel investments and ministry partnerships outside the four walls of the church, with a near-term emphasis on planting new churches at home and around the world.